Ladies LOVE This Sunscreen!

Skin Smoothing Mineral Protection

What comes to mind when you think of sunscreen?



“It’s sticky.”

“It’s such a hassle.”

“It makes me break out.”

“It burns my eyes.”

“I haaaaaaaate it!”

These are just a few of the things I regularly hear my new clients say when we talk about sunscreen. Everyone knows View Post

Self Worth… The impact it has on your true glow

breanna thomas

In the forward to Nancy Levin’s book Worthy, Doreen Virtue had some very powerful things to say about the importance of self worth and how it affects the way we care for ourselves.

“…unless you value yourself, you won’t have the motivation to exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthfully, and care for yourself.” “Unless we learn to value ourselves, we won’t ask for what we need, and we won’t accept help when it’s offered.”

Wow. Did that hit home for you? I know it sure did for me.

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A bride’s take on natural wedding makeup

angie new

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a lovely bride from North Dakota. She called me after having a wedding trial run with another makeup artists & she was a bit worried. She said she was horrified by how the “natural” makeup she requested turned out and was not about to look like anyone but herself on her wedding day. When she shared a picture with me of how she looked after that wedding trial I instantly knew why she was unsettled…she looked anything but natural! View Post

Stress, Diet, and Acne

acne pics

Stress. Too much sugar. Too much alcohol and/or caffeine. Too much gluten and dairy (for those that are sensitive). Too much meat.

These are common reasons I’m given when I ask my clients who come in with big, bad breakouts like these if they can correlate anything to the eruption. Some people never put 2 & 2 together until they’re sitting in my office. But there’s almost always a connection. View Post

Washing your face twice…should you do it?

double cleansingDouble Cleansing. Have you heard of it? If not, here’s my take on why washing your face twice at night may be one of the best things you could do for your skin.

During the day, we are all exposed to dirt and dust in the air as well environmental pollutants. These things leave an invisible film on the surface of the skin that we surely want to remove each night. Additionally, most women wear makeup during the day, which if not removed well can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

While we sleep our skin works hard to regenerate itself and rid the body of metabolic wastes. If the pores are plugged, this process is halted, leading to a dull complexion and a rapid onset of the aging process.

 The reason I’m so fond of double cleansing in the evening is because the 1st cleanse removes makeup and environmental residue, whereas the second cleanse actually cleans your skin. If you stopped with just the first wash you’re not really doing a thorough job of purifying your pores.

If you’ve ever swiped toner on your face after cleansing and seen a film on the cotton pad, you know what I mean.

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Ask Breanna…Is my Nuface PRO just a quck fix?

nuface-before-after large


“Hi Breanna,

I met an esthetician when I was getting lash extensions (don’t worry, these ones won’t make my lashes rip out) and he said that the nuface doesn’t last that long and if I’m going to use it, make sure I do it right before I go out. Is this true that it’s just a quick fix machine? Or do you think over time the muscles actually get stronger and stronger?”

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